Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 on Tuesday - Things I love

A forum friend had this idea to have a 10 on Tuesday post. It will be various things but will always be 10. This week it is 10 things I love. So here goes...10 things I currently love

1. Sitting on my front porch with a cup of tea...it is so relaxing
2. Vanilla Coke - I love it but sadly they do not sell it here in Canada so I try and get some whenever we take a trip to the U.S
3. My new bed - oh so comfy and solved my problem of my hips going numb at night
4. My YMCA membership - the whole family loves going now I just need to go more often to get in shape
5. The new President's Choice Loaded Baked Potato and Greek potato chips...they are to die for...too bad I started Weight Watchers again...I won't be eating them for a while
6. Going for evening walks with the family.
7. Sleeping in till 8:30 am....YAY for summer vacation and alarm clocks for the kids!
8. Eating a large salad with my meal....I love that everything is so fresh right now
9. The wading pool behind our house and the fact that it is free for us to go to. The kids love it there
10. The fact that the kids were not signed up for one single thing this summer and we are free to do what we want and are not on a schedule.

I would love to hear what are some things you love....leave me a comment!


  1. If I had a front porch like I did in Edmonton i would love to sit out on it too! In Edmonton, we had a porch swing, ahhh it was nice to sit out there in the evening in the summer!
    Down in the states a few years ago, I found individually wrapped cheesecake pieces they were small and sold in a box...Ohh my they were yummy, I have never seen them in Canada and I haven't been back to the states...My gosh they were good!
    My hips get sore during the night, maybe I need a new mattress?? hmmmm....lol
    I love going for walks in the park with my friend Kim. I have a gym membership and never go...
    Have never tried you baked potato, or the chips, will look for the chips when I'm ready to treat myself next.
    I love our family evening walks too
    Salads this time of the year are so yummy!
    You are lucky to have a wading pool so close. I have taken the girls to a bigger pool, but not to a wading pool.
    Nice that you are able to do what your family wants to do this summer!
    Great 10 list!

  2. Great job Jen!! God bless summer :)