Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter has arrived

and with a vengence! Starting on Sunday Dec 5th we got lots of snow and then it continued straight through until Tuesday Dec 7th. Currently we are getting a break from it but they say we are going to see more of it before the week is done. Right now we have over 3 feet of snow and the kids are having a blast! They are on their 3rd snow day today and surprisingly I have kept them busy with things and they aren't too bored. I have gotten some great winter photos and can't wait to scrap them. Hopefully I can get my christmas gifts done soon so I can go back to doing some layouts.

Logan and Daddy shoveling the snow
Our house all covered in snow

Sydney rolling down one of the hills in our front yard

My two cuties!

Monday, December 6, 2010

When was my last post?

I am almost embarrased about when I last posted. I haven't really done a lot of scrapbooking lately and now that the holidays are upon us I am scrambling to get gifts done that I wanted to make. I promise as soon as I get them done I will post pictures. Over the next couple of days I should have lots of time to get things done since we are getting quite a bit of snow. So far we have had at least 40 cm and there is lots more to come. So for now I thought I would post a few photos that I have taken with my new camera. I am loving it!!

Sydney at her Nana's Birthday celebration on November 28th.
The firebush in our front yard. I loved the bright red berries on it with snow on the branches

This past Friday we had our first bit of snow. In the afternoon Logan and I ventured outside to shovel the driveway and have some fun. I love his eyelashes in this photo!