Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have been a bad blogger :(

Well each time I say this and I honestly want to follow through with it. I promise to blog more. I guess since I am not scrapping much right now (sick with a cold) I can't really blog about my scrappy stuff.

I managed to do all 14 days of LOAD and had lots of fun doing it. Perhaps if I get around to taking some nice photos of the layouts I will post my favourite ones right here on my blog. The next thing I am getting ready for is a full LOAD in October run by Lain Ehmann. I am really looking forward to it but not sure if I can do 31 layouts. One thing I have decided is I need to be more organized. In everyday life and in my scrappy life. My scrap area is not that organized and I am sure I have lot of stuff that can be used on layouts that I have no idea I own them.

As for my everyday life I think I need to have set days where I get my cleaning done, laundry and grocery shopping. I have 2.5 hours to myself with no kids from Mon-Fri so I need to start using that to the fullest.

Anyways I am now just babbling on....I think that is the cold medication talking.

Happy Scrapping!


  1. I hope you fell better so that you can get back to scrapping and blogging more. LOAD will be here before we know it!

  2. It's hard to fit it all in isn't it? I'm feeling the pinch too. I haven't scrapped since school started again!

    Love the new blog decor, BTW!