Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday Ten

O.k so I am a day behind but better late than never right?!?!?

This week our task was to put down 10 things we wanted to do before winter comes. Perhaps if I put the list out for all to see I will actually accomplish them.

1. Take the kids to O'sheas Farm
2. Clean up our backyard and prepare it for the winter
3. paint all the trim in our kitchen
4. Clean out and organize the 4th bedroom - make it into a toy room for the kids
5. Lose at least 15 pounds - easier said than done right now
6. Set up our office/scrappy space better than it is
7. Finish putting up the trim in the upstairs hallway
8. Clean out the laundry room/junk room - declutter and purge anything I just don't use
9. Get into a nice workout routine so by winter it is second nature to work up a sweat
10. Lastly - go on more date nights with my hubby!

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