Monday, January 10, 2011

LOAD Day 3-7

7 layouts down....7 more to go. I am having so much doing this and I am creating layouts I wouldn't normally think to do.

This layout was about a lesson I learned in 2010. To enjoy the simple things in life.

This was a layout about something I lost in 2010. We sold my baby grand piano. Music was and is a huge part of my life. One day I would love to own a piano again but for now I will have to sit back and enjoy the radio.

For this layout I was to do one about me for the age I was in 2010. I rarely do layouts about me and hardly ever have my picture taken. I knew as soon as I saw the prompt for this day that these were the pics I would use. They were taken in November at my husband's Christmas party. This one explains itself. These are a few of my favourites in the year 2010
We were supposed to do a layout about somewhere that we traveled. In August of 2010 we went to New Brunswick to visit family and I got some pictures of Logan on the beach.


  1. Great work, I especially like the last one. Keep it up.

  2. You sold your piano??? Oh that is sad! I remember playing it several times and I was always so jealous of it!!

  3. Bronwyn yes I did. It was a very sad day for me but I just didn't have the time to enjoy such a beautiful instrument. So we sold it to my cousins SIL and family. I know it has a good home. Because of that we now have our renovated kitchen.