Sunday, January 2, 2011

My hopes for 2011

Each year I make resolutions and every year I never follow through with them. I wonder why I even bother to do this every year. Then I thought I do this so I have something to look forward to, to try and stay motivated and to hopefully make things just a little bit easier. I am very lucky in that we are able to manage things so I can stay home with the kids. You would think I have all this time to organize and clean my home but that is just not the case. So this of course is my first resolution.

1. Organize and de-clutter our house room by room. We have bins of stuff that we moved here and I have not touched in almost 8 years. I think it is time for it to go!

2. The same resolution I make every year. To lose weight. I would like to shed 20 pounds. Next Saturday (Jan 8th) I will be walking into a Weight Watchers meeting and signing up (for the 5th time). I have done it before and I CAN and WILL do it again. This time around though I will be going to the YMCA at least 3 times a week and supplementing that with my Wii workouts.
3. My husband and I are planning on heading on a vacation just the 2 of us. It has been a very long time (about 9 years) since we last went on a major vacation just the 2 of us. We have done weekends away but it just isn't the same. We think we have narrowed it down to Las Vegas or perhaps a warm island somewhere.

4. Lastly to spend less time online, more time scrapping and more time with my family. This one ties in with my biggest hope of this year to work on a better relationship with my son. I think our biggest problem is we are too much alike. We butt heads and I would like this to be the year that all changes.

And to start off the New Year here is a family picture taken with my new camera.

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