Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The month of July has been good to us!

My husband had lost in job back in June and has been home with us since. I love that he is here to help me with the kids and get things done around the house but I was really hoping he would be back to work soon. Well after a week of interviews (last week) and lots of waiting, stressing and lack of sleep we got the call yesterday for a job offer. Not only was he offered a great job but he was actually offered 3 jobs in the past 2 days. We feel he has picked the right job for him that will make him happy and he will thrive at.

I am so super proud of him! He didn't give up in looking for a job. The market here in our city is non-existent right now for his skills. We decided to look outside of the city by up to one hour. It paid off and now he has an amazing job working for a wonderful company.

I have been scrapping a bit the past couple of days and tomorrow I will show what I have been doing. Don't forget to go on over to APOS to check out the challenges from last week. (hint my layouts will be based on the challenges)

Happy Scrapping!

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