Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two excited kids!

We woke up Saturday April 10th to no power. We figured perhaps there was a car accident somewhere and in a few short hours we would have power again. That was not the case! About 2 hours after the power shut off we saw London Hydro vehicles a few doors down from us. By noon we knew it was not a simple fix. They had a brand new transformer on the back of one of those trucks. Then a while after that we saw the crane arrive. By then we had figured out that the transformer that was in our neighbours backyard had blown and they were going to replace it with a new one. This meant lifting it over the house and into their backyard. So our fun and exciting entertainment for the day was watching them work. Boy did my son love this! He is all about trucks, cranes and diggers. His eyes just lit up when he saw that crane on our street. At one point he turned to his sister and said "Syn I am going to grow up and work on one of those cranes". And I for one believe that. He is constantly talking about construction or trucks and just loves to build and destroy things. Here are a few photos from that day. I can't wait to create my layout for these.

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