Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

O.k well Thursday. I know I am 2 days late on this but we have been busy here since returning from vacation. So better late than never right?!?!?

This week I thought it would be fun to list 10 things I would love to buy but can't afford right now or is just over the top outrageous.

1. Apple Ipad - I think they are the coolest things ever!
2. A new camera - I have a Sony DSC-H9 and I really don't like it at all.
3. A hot tub - There was one in the hotels we stayed in while on vacation and I find them so relaxing
4. A garage for our house. I really don't want to do another winter of scraping off my car windshield.
5. All of the new releases in Scrapbooking (and I mean everything!)
6. A cricut Expression. I really want to upgrade from my baby bug
7. A cottage that is right on the water. I find it so peaceful being right on the water and really wish I was back in NB right now.
8. A e-reader - I want to get back into reading more and think these are pretty darn cool
9. Apple Macbook - can you tell I am a bit addicted right now to all things computer related :)
10. A nice buffet hutch that will go in my living room to act as my organizational area for everything (school items from the kids, mail, place for keys and phones - basically a place to organize all that stuff that comes into the house)

So there it list of what are 10 things you would love to have right now but can't afford.

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  1. Believe it or not, the only thing I'm even tempted by on your list is an e-reader. I'm not sure it would make me read any more, but it would give me an excuse to hide all my unread books out of sight. Too much stuff in my line of sight in my studio is the only reason I'm not tempted by #5 right now.