Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten things Tuesday - SUMMER!

Well it's Tuesday again so that means my 10 things Tuesday list. This week it is all about Summer. So here goes....my top 10 things I love about summer.

1. Going to the beach
2. No set bedtime for the kids
3. Going to the wading pool behind our house (it's free!)
4. Enjoying a good book in the backyard while the kids play
5. Lots and lots of ICE-CREAM!!!
6. Family bike rides - Logan just got his big boy bike and he is doing great on it
7. Family vacations - this year we are headed out east to New Brunswick to visit family
8. Sleeping in until 8 am
9. Not having to bundle everyone up to head outside
10. Summer camps for the kids - it sure is nice to get a break and they have a blast going.

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