Saturday, January 5, 2013


Have you ever heard of one little word by Ali Edwards?  I am not sure when she started doing this but I decided this year I would join in.  I haven't signed up for her class but I figured I could pick a word and hopefully stick with it.  One thing I find I always struggle with is keeping up with my resolutions.  I always seem to have grand plans and then they fizzle pretty quick.  So it came to me one word for 2013 will be CONQUER.  This will be the year that I conquer all of my resolutions.  

To start out I wanted to write out my resolutions and keep them somewhere that I would be able to take a look at them when I needed a reminder.  The perfect solution came in the mail from a friend from New Brunswick.  I had participated in a secret pal exchange with a group of ladies that all share my love of scrapbooking.  My secret pal sent me a Smash book for Christmas....I was so excited to find it in my box of Christmas goodies.  I knew this book would be dedicated to me and what I did in the year 2013.  I also knew I wanted to make it something that was simple and easy and didn't take up a lot of my time to complete.  So I came up with this page for my resolutions and included my one little word "conquer". 

 And here is a close up of my goals.  The little notepage came with my smash book.  Normally I wouldn't have 10 resolutions but I figured why not.  Already I am doing well with #7 - blog more.  Number 6 is one I really need to work on...especially with my kids.

Thanks for taking a peek into my world and I hope you are having a fabulous start to 2013!  Happy Crafting!


  1. Great goals, Jen! Several of our goals match. We'll have to try to keep each other in check!!

  2. It sounds like a fun year. Atta girl for committing them to paper - pretty paper, at that!